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Hi! This is my page to chronicle my 1975 Camaro project and to share information regarding "The Forgotten Camaros" and 2nd generation F-bodies in general.


Why "The Forgotten Camaros"?

I guess every line of cars has to have a period of "undesirable" years. Most of the car magazines pick on the 1974 through 1977 models as the least desirable ones. In my opinion, the '70-'73 Camaro is what a second genner should be - sleek and trim. The '74-'77 years had to move away from that because of mandated laws, but they were closer to their 'roots' than the Disco style '78-'81's that followed. Anyway, I'm pleased to see more and more of the 74-77's being built, and it's okay by me that they aren't as precious as the early Z28's and SS models, at least I can afford the parts!

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